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Find My Car now updated! New interface and expanded location storage make this an essential tool for piece of mind traveling around new areas.

Pocket Coach Own a firearm? Want expert advice on improving your accuracy? Download this app and have real time, interactive feedback and guidance.

Trauma Core coming soon. Are you an RN hoping to become TNCC certified? This app will prepare you and teach you with scenarios, custom quizzes, and rationales (Coming October 2016)

Appz Features

Clean. Minimalistic Mapping

  • Satellite, Standard, and Hybrid views
  • Scrolling, zoom, and rotation
  • Real-time GPS positioning

Simple. Easy to Use

  • Store current location with a push of a button.
  • Recall last saved location
  • Step through the last twenty saved locations (maybe you accidentally overwrote your current car location or want to remember a few locations). Simply press the + / – stepper buttons above the map.
  • Get directions from current location to any previous saved location with the flip of a switch.
  • Each stored location is presented with a familiar red pin centered on the map.
  • Time stamps appear on every red pin. Simply press on the pin to see the date and time the location was stored. Press the pin again and the time stamp  disappears.

Detail Oriented.

  • For every location you store, you can add a photograph to assist you.
  • Latitude and longitude of every stored location are available for copying and pasting. Getting an Uber cab back to your car? Simply paste the single line of information into the Destination field on your Uber app and select the mapped address that appears..

Fast. Ready for Action

Tired of trying to remember where you parked? You’ve got more important things to think about than which building and floor your car was in before the big game or that cross country flight.